About Us

Trading in automotive components had been our traditional family business since 1953. The Parent organization was started in 1953 in the name of Eversure Auto Agency in New Delhi. The Chairman of the company Mr. Gulshan Kohli is an Electrical Engineering graduate of 1973. He started a manufacturing organization organization, in the name  of Electrtical Machines India in Nagpur. We have been doing various manufacturing activities in the said organization. The other director Mr. Siddharth Kohli is also an Electrical Engineering graduate and is son of Mr. Gulshan Kohli.There have been a number of off shoots of Eversure Auto Agency. We had an automotive component trading organization in Nagpur. We have our associate organization in the name of Delhi Motors in New Delhi where we are exporting automotive components to Bangladesh. In fact we have over 50 years experience in two wheeler and three wheeler auto component trade. We are very well acquainted with automotive component manufacturing and trade.

Also, we are in the business of electrical engineering equipment manufacturing. We are venturing in to Solar Power Projects installation and commissioning. We have about 25000 sq. ft of logistic premises in Nagpur from where we are operating.